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Stéphanie Scholl, Head of Marketing and Communication @ nasire

Stéphanie Scholl, Head of Marketing and Communication @ nasire

Spending an hour with Stéphanie was a true vitamin cocktail. After our encounter, I could not stop thinking of Anatole France's words: “To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.”.

Can you tell us how the story of nasire started?

It all started with two friends Matteo Lettieri and Michael Lütolf's thirst for travelling and for becoming entrepreneurs. They started looking for ateliers, production sites, and tanneries in Marrakech. Their search for the right partner lasted longer than expected. It took them a year until they found the atelier with whom nasire collaborate today. Personally, I did not join right away. It was when attending the launch of their first product as a friend that I offered my help to increase brand awareness on social media. I was so thrilled by the quality of the product and by the whole project. Today we are 5 and most of us are childhood friends, we come from the same village. We grew up in Zofingen, Aargau, we know each other really well.

The Weekender

Said The Leathercutter

Said The Leathercutter

Where does the name nasire come from ?

It is a berber name, it means companion and protector.

Why Marrakesh?

Because of the light, the colours, the inspiring architecture and the traditional leather craft. Marrakesh is not just the zouk and babouche made of gold leather. There is a lively and vibrant creative scene there. A gold mine for nasire's inspirations.

What advice would you give to someone willing to set up an online shop?

Never forget that your webshop is what represents your brand. So, make it different, invest in good pictures. It is definetely money worth spending.

What was it like for you to see nasire's first product come to life?

The first product that was launched was the weekender. It was so thought through: the zip would open up all the way, the strap was removable and the quality of the leather was outstanding, they had paid attention to the detailed finition. I was really proud of my friends !!

The Jamdani Weavers from Bengal - India

“ Our aim is not just to be a cool brand known in Zurich but our goal is really to get big .”


Leading a life as an entrepreneur has its ups and downs, what keeps you motivated ?

Clearly, I am blessed because I work with my best friends. I also realized that the alternative of having an office job from 8am to 5pm was not for me. We all work really hard at nasire, it requires a lot of effort and stamina but at the same time we are free. I can have a nice chat with you right now because at the end what is important is to get things done. 

The Overnighter

Meet Fatim - Linen Protection

Meet Fatim - Linen Protection


How is the internet influencing fashion?

Everything goes so much faster now. The fashion seasons are disappearing. The internet made people impatient. As soon as they see something, they want to buy it now ! The internet has changed people's habits and is partly responsible for the development of fast fashion.

Have you always wanted to be an entrepreneur?

I actually studied international relationships in Geneva, so my initial carrer plans were not necessarily geared towards entrepreneurship. Starting at nasire was a "succesful accident".

The Weavers of the Tibetan Plateau - Tibet

What is next for nasire?

Next big step is definitely to be more present internationally. Our aim is not just to be a cool brand known in Zürich but our goal is really to get big. Today we already sell in 2 of the 50 best concept stores worldwide: Atelier Mira in New York and Bjork in Florence. We want to continue expanding to major European Cities: Berlin, Paris and also Scandinavian cities. Obviously despite the ambition of getting big, we will always keep the same ethic in how we produce: handmade products are our signature and will always remain. Productwise, there will be a few small pouches, clean and simple in style.


Favourite online shop? Need Suply
Favourite App? Instagram
Favorite Instagram? C-l-o, Frankieandclo
Favorite Blog? I don't read blogs
Where is your favourite spot in Zurich? Cafe du bonheur
Favourite Quote?  I dare to do it - Eberhard 

Where can we see and feel your products ?

If you are in Zurich, you could check them out at Edition Populaire - Freyastrasse 21, CH-8004 Zürich 

If you are in Bern, pay a visit to Clomes - Muesmattstrasse 39, CH-3012 Bern

In Luzern, Die Handlung - Bundesplatz 10, CH- 6003 Luzern

As mentioned earlier we are also showcasing our products in Florence and in New York - See above for details.