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Road Trip Nach Mass

Meet SELFNATION, Le majordome and Old Captain Co. on their road trip across Switzerland. 

Wonder what they have in common? They offer you a unique experience by designing tailor made products.

SELFNATION offers made-to-measure trousers - denim and chino 

Le majordome offers customized shoes

Old Captain Co. offers personalized shirts


11h-15h: Place du port (Ouchy)
18h-21h: Uniquement votre (Vigie)


11h-16h: Bogen 1 - Xilobis (Frau Gerolds Garten)
18h-21h: LeMajordome, Josefstrasse 22, 8005 Zürich


11:00 Piazza Cioccaro Lugano
18:00 Gabbani Lugano
22:00 Turba Lugano