Un_Dress 2018 Backstage

Tamara Wisser, 20 years old, Marketing and PR

Tamara Wisser, 20 years old, Marketing and PR

Simona Piffaretti, 21 years old, Catwalk and Models

Simona Piffaretti, 21 years old, Catwalk and Models

Tamara, Simona, Tell us more about yourselves, what are your respective background ?

Tamara: My name is Tamara Wisser and I am 20 years old. I come from Johannesburg, South Africa,and currently live in St. Gallen. I am doing my Bachelor in Business Administration at the University of St. Gallen. Fashion has been my passion since I can think, especially sustainable fashion, for which I love doing projects. Simona: My name is Simona Piffaretti and I am 21 years old. I come from Lugano and I study Business administration at the University of St, Gallen (4th semester). I am very interested in fashion and I would like to work for a Fashion company in the future.

Why did you join Un-Dress? What is your position?

Tamara: Since my time at school, I am all about sustainable fashion. After organizing my own sustainable Mini-Fashion Show, I felt I wanted to continue with projects in that area, also during my studies. That is when I learned of Un-Dress, which I joined as a model in 2017. The fascinating event totally convinced me to join the next organisation team. And this is how I got the position of Marketing & PR at Un-Dress 2018. Simona: I joined Un-Dress because I have always been interested in fashion and my dream is to work for a fashion company in the future. I was a helper at the fashion show last year and I really enjoyed it. In addition, the fact that this project is about sustainability motivated me even more to apply for my position. I believe in a more sustainable world and, since we are all students in the team, it is a good message also for the leaders of tomorrow. My position is “Catwalk & Models”. I had to look for a suitable location for the fashion show and to decide how the catwalk will look like. In addition, my main task was to find suitable models at the University of St.Gallen and manage all the trainings, fittings and styling.


What is the story of UN-DRESS? How many Editions?

Un-Dress is a young and dynamic platform with the aim to enhance the importance of Slow Fashion in today's consume driven society. It all started with a master’s thesis and then became a small student initiative by oikos, the sustainability club at the University of St. Gallen, in 2011. Since then, Un-Dress has developed and expanded wonderfully, and grew to be the largest event by oikos with the number of attendees growing rapidly with each new edition. Yet the core values remain the same. The message is clear: Sustainable Fashion is not a compromise. Sustainable Fashion is trendy. Un-Dress includes events such as a fashion show, workshops and a pop-up store, supporting the exchange of creative ideas. Consumers meet designers and experts to discuss the topic of sustainable fashion in an interactive, innovative and inspirational context. Un-Dress 2018 is the 8th edition and will, for the first time, take place in an even larger location than the last editions with Olma Messen as the venue for the fashion show.

What is your mission?

“we could achieve a greater positive impact on our environment if only our clothes were more sustainable"

Both: Our slogan is « the future of sustainable fashion today », which also correlates with our mission. With our event, we want to raise awareness about sustainable fashion and show society that it is much more than its current image of «boring and over-expensive scratchy clothing». This we do by giving young and innovative designers, who particularly respect human and animal rights (something that is nowadays hard to find), the chance to present their sustainable clothes in front of a large crowd and also sell their designs in our pop-up store to help them grow and expand their in the future. Because in our opinion, if given the chance, these designers will not only be the future of sustainable fashion but also the future of the whole fashion industry. We think, the future of sustainable fashion will be driven by huge success and it will become the new standard of clothing. We really hope for this to happen, because we could achieve a greater positive impact on our environment if only our clothes were more sustainable.

How many models are going to participate? Are they professional?


Simona: It was quite a challenge for me to choose the models who are going to walk on the 21st of March. I have selected 30 girls and 10 boys. The majority of them are students at the University of St.Gallen. It was quite hard to find suitable people who are confident enough to walk in front of 500 people, especially for the guys (laugh). We also have 4 professional models as we have a cooperation with a model agency.

How many Designers will be represented? Only Swiss? How do you select them?

Tamara: More than 20 designers will have the chance to present their creations at Un-Dress 2018. They are mainly Swiss designers, but we also have designers from Germany, France, Spain and Italy at the event. They need to fulfill sustainability criteria and it also depends on their clothing lines.

How will the event roll on march 21st?

Both: On the 21st of March 2018 the day is going to be structured in the following way:

  • From 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. there are Workshops at St. Galler Textilmuseum. People who do not own a ticket are also welcome to join. Workshops will cover topics such as innovative textiles, fashion trends, clothing trade and upcycling.
  • From 5 p.m. anyone can visit our pop-up store at Olma Messen and buy the designer’s creations. From 8 to 10 p.m. our core event, the fashion show featuring 40 models will take place at Olma Messen. People who own a ticket are welcome to join.
  • Throughout the evening, until around 11 p.m., our guests are again able to visit the pop-up store and buy the clothes and accessories just presented on the catwalk.
  • Finally, there is going to be an after party at Trischli Club, where we are going to have our own private zone where people can also take pictures with the Un-dress background and celebrate until the morning.

Who is your audience?

Both: Our Audience is quite diverse in terms of age. We have students as young as 12, many fashionistas aged 18-30 and many fashion interested people aged 40+. As it is a student initiative there are many students from the University of St. Gallen. But we also have locals from town in the audience as well as guests from throughout Switzerland, especially from Zurich and other larger metropoles in Switzerland.

The mission statement of The Selection is to create a community interested in supporting Swiss Independent Designers #shopsmall, #shoplocal? Can you relate?

Both: Yes, we can relate to that. With our project we also try to support local designers and try to spread the idea of sustainable fashion, especially in Switzerland. There are many local designers who create beautiful clothes, the issue is that it is difficult to compete with companies, such as H&M and so on. People need to see the benefits of qualitity versus quantity.

Are you interested in supporting students to shape sustainable fashion, in discovering designers with a conscious, in buying from Independent brands?

Join us on March 21st in Saint Gallen, become a member of The Selection and get disocunted tickets.