Who is the crowd ? Crowdfunding is Storytelling

Photo by hidesy/iStock / Getty Images

At the Selection, we regularly meet up with emerging designers. They are highly skilled, full of ideas, passions and often moneyless. Crowdfunding opens up a whole new array of opportunities. 

But what is exactly crowdfunding ? The history of modern day crowdfunding can be traced back to 1997 when the British Rock Band Marillion posted a simple message online regretting that they would not be able to tour the US due to lack of record company financing. They went on to coordinate a campaign that raised $60,000 from fans, enough money to underwrite an entire American tour. They revolutionised and democratised the way creative projects were funded. Internet Crowdfunding was born.

One of largest European crowdfunding platform is We Make It, founded in 2012 in Switzerland. It has carried out 2388 successful projects, has gathered over 140,000 backers (donors) and has raised almost CHF 25 mio. Their success rate is 65%, quite high compared to other similar platforms.

Sounds easy...Interested ? If this is the case, the first thing you need to know is that it is NOT easy. The Crowd is not just waiting for your project to be launched to connect to the platform to give you money. From all my discussions with designers who have or are using crowdfunding as a means to raise funds, here are the tips they shared with me:

- What is your story? Why would people buy into it?

- Invest in great pictures and a great video

- Have a great personal website people can refer to 

- Have attactrive rewards that would convert your donors into loyal customers

- Comunicate, Comunicate, Comunicate ....Not just to your grandma or your rich uncle but also to the crowd. Tell your story on Social Media, share it with bloggers, radio stations, you name it. MAKE AS MUCH NOISE AS YOU CAN!


My turn to make noise for this cosmopolitan group of young designers. Support their creativity, their dreams, their visions. I just love the amazing video they put together, watch below!


DIE MACHEREI — A collective of makers

DIE MACHEREI is a platform for young, innovative & sustainable design with a focus on the process of making & a transparent production cycle. DIE MACHEREI is a space for design, architecture and art.

We are a collective of young makers with a shared interest in functional and aesthetic design. We highlight the «making of» the unique designs presented by our makers here in Zurich, at the Markt Lagerstrasse in Europaallee. All of our products undergo a fair and sustainable production cycle.

We are a home for young designers and artists who help one another realize their ideas and visions. We will strive to liven up the new area by sharing our multifaceted skills and ambitions in active exchange with members of the surrounding community.

This is why we need support 

In order to build up our creative platform and shop, we need your help. The donations will go towards the construction of our shop interior at Lagerstrasse 104 in Zurich, to the many helpers who have volunteered their time so far and to the makers themselves. If you would like to support the local, creative economy of your city, here is your chance to do so.

Become a part of the Macherei and help us make our dream a reality. Your effort will not be for nothing, because you will give us young makers the chance to realise our vision and you will receive some great goodies in exchange.

Thank you in advance for your generous support!