The Ultimate Swimwear Guide

Swimwear Tips For Every Body Type

Not much time left for diet nor for sweating to get back into shape...No worries because you can still be beautiful in a bathing suit. The trick is to find the right shape according to your body type. I won't be referring to tutti frutty terminology categorizing womens’ bodies. When you’re on a shopping spree, do you ever say, “Ugh I can’t wear this top because I’m pear-shaped”? No, you say — I can’t wear this top because my chest is too big/too small.

Here is our comprehensive guideline to choosing the best swimming costume:

Large Breast

Don’t go for elaborate ruffles and flounces as these will just make your bust look even bigger. Instead go for a V-neckline - this easy styling trick draws the eye down and visually streamlines your shape.

Broad Shoulders

Attract attention to your neck with straps anchored in the center. Avoid Strapless and triangular cut top.

Love Handles

Would you have a fuller tummy of love handles, go for a Tankini. Avoid swimwear that sinks into your stomach.

Small Bust

Go for straps attached like a traditional bra and look for a low-scoop-neck.

Boyish Figure

Go for a swimwear that creates curve. Monokini is your best bet as it will enhance your curves. Avoid bandeaus.