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PYRATEX® x YCJ Need Your Help - Join The Crowd And Enjoy Amazing Prices

PYRATEX® x YCJ / Skin-caring activewear fashion

PYRATEX® x YCJ / Skin-caring activewear fashion

The swiss company PYRATES, Creator and Owner of the PYRATEX® smart fabrics will be sharing its innovations with YCJ, the brand of a young Polish designer who one day in Berlin saw the PYRATES designs (when we were selling in Bikini Berlin) and loved thePYRATEX® smart fabrics. Her urban activewear versatile designs are a great support to our PYRATEX®. 

In the campaign we use 2 of our PYRATEX® fabrics that are very focussed on skincare

-PYRATEX®POWER (strechy anti irritation fabric for sensitive skins, it regenerates skincells)

-PYRATEX®COSMETIC (this one uses a fiber extracted from seaweed and has antioxidants protecting the skin against pollution) .

Find a snapshot below of the great rewards they gathered for you: