Every time you spend money, you are casting a vote for the kind of world you want.
— Anne Lappe

In 2016 I founded The Selection which offers readers curated access to my core passions: shopping online, slow fashion and people.

Online-shopping: My project idea was born during a very busy period of my life. My husband and I were both working 100% in very demanding jobs. Since both of us were dedicating all of our remaining time to our three lovely children, time to go shopping had always been a scarce resource…..hence we shopped a lot online with a glass of wine once all kids were sleeping in the evening.

Slow fashion: Independent designers are innovative, progressive and more ecologically friendly. In one word, they are braver. They do not produce in bulk but rather in small quantities. As a result, there is a high chance that someone will ask you "Wow, where did you get that?" Isn't that a good feeling when it happens?

People: What I liked the most about my previous banker's life was the contact with people. I truly believe that in life there is a role for everyone you meet. Buying from a small shop or an independent designer, even online, helps you re-create the lost connection with human beings. You can easily be in contact with them in fairs, in their shops, exchange emails. 

Small shops and their designers have great ideas and a vast amount of fashion concepts. Adding clothes or accessories of these talented people to your apparel makes you unique and original. Their marketing budget is obviously way smaller than the big box stores, so I help you find these goldmines and share with you their discount and offers.

My webzine is featuring these designers that run small businesses and sell online. I carefully select and curate them for you by trying out their web shop, by meeting them in person, by testing their products before recommending them. 

I tell you their stories and what is so special about them. Many of the designers have a good cause – for example by directly supporting the family that knits your handbag or by carefully choosing sustainable organic cotton to support farmers and protect the environment.

I am passionate about people that believe in themselves, their projects, their design, their products and their ideas. I am passionate about those that follow their ideas and their dreams no matter what and support sustainability and innovation.

These are the people I am writing about and these are the products I am presenting to you on my webzine The Selection.

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